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When hands and feet are cold

When hands and feet are cold

Many of us know that not only our hands and feet are freezing on a cold day, but even at home at normal room temperature, and even on a hot summer day, you can feel chilly, bearing a great desire to climb and warm under a warm blanket.

It happens that even a small minus outside the window causes aching unbearable pains in the fingers, and there is no desire to go outside at all and you want to leave as soon as possible to hot countries at this time.

This is a painful, but curable problem, which may have its own reasons, which can be eliminated if there is no illness, and relieve the discomfort of the condition at least a little, at least until the blueness of the nails and pallor disappear.

Why are my hands and feet freezing? Causes

You need to know that the reason when hands and feet get cold often and constantly is a violation of blood circulation in the capillaries. Perhaps this is due to vegetative-vascular dystonia, the appearance of which is accompanied by: physical inactivity, increased emotionality, the consequences of previous diseases, as well as with cervical osteochondrosis, anxiety and suspiciousness. Legs and hands freeze with female diseases, low hemoglobin with spasm of blood vessels, when exposed to emotional overload and cold. 

It is not worth starting this condition, because it can progress and lead to peeling of the fingers and loss of skin elasticity, to the development of an eating disorder.

People who have cold feet and hands stop enjoying a bright frosty day, skiing, ice skating, swimming in the river and the sea, limit themselves to simple walks on the street. This is understandable, because, having frozen, the arms and legs begin to warm up with aching pain, while the limbs swell and turn red. 

What to do when feet and hands are constantly freezing? Advice

Train the vessels. It is not always easy, but vital. You can start with hot or contrasting baths. Several times in the middle of the week, soak your feet well until red for about an hour in hot water, or dip your feet in cold or hot water alternately.

Try, at least once a week, to visit the bathhouse, sauna, with a cold pool. No pool? Use a contrast shower alternating between hot and cold water.

Try to do several warm-up exercises for the body every day, if possible, go to fitness, aerobics, pool.

Warm up and drink hot chicken broth just before you go outside. Eliminate alcohol, coffee from your daily menu, try to quit smoking, because smoking causes vasoconstriction and their spasms, which interferes with their normal blood supply.

With iron deficiency in the body, anemia occurs, in which the body temperature drops and there is a feeling that the body is slowly cooling down. Here your companions should be: raisins, dried apricots, pomegranates, oatmeal porridge, almonds, multivitamins, pumpkin, fresh vegetables and fruits, salads. In winter, consume salmon, mackerel, and other oily marine fish. Drink vitamin decoctions, compotes, fruit drinks. Thus, you will increase blood microcirculation.

When you go outside, keep your head, arms and legs warm, but try not to wear bulky things, it is better to wear a few thin ones. Thus, movements will not be constrained, and you can become more mobile. Purchase thermal underwear for the winter. You can wear a fleece and a sweater over it. But it’s best to buy a down jacket.

When hands and feet are cold, use folk remedies

Make a mixture of 1 bottle of vodka, plus 2 red hot peppers, 1 tablespoon each. mustard powder and salt. Let it brew before it turns red, and then wash the freezing places of the legs and hands overnight, let it dry without wiping, put on woolen socks and sleep like this every night until you recover.   

You can also make baths by adding clove oil and red pepper tincture plus cinnamon to hot water. Such baths normalize blood circulation in the legs. 

Daily bathing, sunbathing, walking in the air, proper nutrition, vegetables, fruits and exercise will strengthen the immune system, restore hemoglobin and life will sparkle with new colors! Good health to you!

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